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Accounts Manager - Diversey

Accounts Manager

Accounts Manager
Accounts Manager

Accounts Manager - Diversey 

Job Title: Operations Lead, Indirect Channels

Reports to (Title): F & B Director, ME

Business Unit/Division: F &B Sales

Job Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Job Summary: (Please provide two or three sentences explaining 

the overall role of this position.)

The Operations Lead, Indirect Channels is responsible in growing 

the overall business revenue and profitability from the Indirect 

Channel markets.

Responsibilities Include: 

(Please summarize the 4-8 main responsibilities/account 

abilities of  the position. 

List responsibilities in the order of importance and time spent. 

If possible, provide the general percentage of time spent on each


Sales forecast: 

Monthly and quarterly for each country shared with Supply Chain 

and with Finance.

Inventory level: 

Forward looking inventory cover collected from the countries, 

shared with Supply Chain.

 Provide feedback to distribution partners on what they need to 

order for possible stock outs, same goes to Supply Chain as well.

Sales Funnel: 

Sales funnel updated with movements in the month.

Wins / Losses: 

Captured all the wins / losses for the month in each country.

Sector Reporting: 

Sector sales reporting.

Innovation penetration: 

Quarterly innovation penetration, what's planned to be shipped for 

the month to all distribution businesses.


(Please check relevant scope. If not applicable, leave blank. 

If selection does not appear in drop-down menu, hit “Esc” then 

“Tab” to access additional drop-down choices).

Geographic Responsibility - GCC(excluding KSA) + LEVANT.

Annual Budget


Managerial Responsibility: 

(Please check one)

1 Has no formal managerial responsibility, but may provide 

guidance to colleagues (e.g., provides coaching, assigns work, 

provides input into hiring decisions and evaluating performance).

Typical Job Requirements: 

(Please check minimum education/experience required.)

Education: Bachelor/University

Experience: 5 – 8 Years

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