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Wireless Product Manager

Wireless Product Manager

Wireless Product Manager
Wireless Product Manager

Wireless Product Manager

Job Requirements:

1. At least 5 years experience in a relevant position.

2. Has professional knowledge about solution 

design based on RAN (2G/3G/4G/5G), Network 

Power, Antenna, Microwave.

3. Has the knowledge to identify key customer 

requirements and coordinate with Product 

Management and Engineering to ensure that these 

requirements are implemented in the products.

4. Understand customer's pains and strategy from

the network viewpoint.

5. Has a good knowledge about the Egyptian 


6. Ability to make good technical presentation to 

customer is most important.

7. Excellent collaboration skills with a wide 

variety of people (product management, 

engineering, marketing).

8. Good oral and written communication, 

interpersonal skills and fluency in English.

9. Relevant company and position experience is 

Wireless Product Manager
Wireless Product Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Expand the projects at the representative office 

level. Further relationships with the customers' 

junior- and mid-level personnel and technical 


2. Independently have insights into customers, 

develop the solution, conduct network design, 

bidding, and quotation for multiple products.

3. Execute the brand marketing activities. 

following established branding strategies.

4. Collect and analysis competitors' information, 

participate in developing and executing 

competition strategy.

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