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Operations Supervisor - Bakery

Operations Supervisor - Bakery

Operations Supervisor - Bakery
Operations Supervisor - Bakery

Operations Supervisor - Bakery

The responsibility of the Operations Supervisor is to produce the 

right quality of goods in the right quantity at the right time and 

with the least cost. The operations supervisor is a key part of the 

team and responsible for all aspects of production to include 

planning, organizing, staffing, directing, measuring, controlling 

and reporting. Analyze and improve organizational processes, and 

work to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.


•Maximize operating systems usage by setting 

daily/weekly/monthly objectives and communicating them to 


•Organize workflow by assigning responsibilities and preparing 


•Execute operations to include production, planning, maintenance, 

safety and assist in the implementation of new product line.

•Set and manage production budgets.

•Oversee maintenance and engineering activities to include both 

current production as well as planned projects, creating goals to 

measure efficiency, cost reduction, productivity and preventive 


•Ensure that adequate supplies of raw materials are available for 

the unit to meet production targets.

•Monitoring and controlling the wastage of raw materials, finished 

products and company assets.

•Communicate with all direct departments associated with 

production to include Purchasing, Logistics, IT, HR and 

Accounting to provide an efficient and cost-effective business 


•Collaborate with Sales, Marketing and R&D to create new 

products, production and timelines from start-up and through 

business thereafter.

•Coordinate with food safety/quality control department to adhere 

to and improve all safety/quality standards and procedures.

•Prepare and maintain quality standards in accordance with both 

internal and HACCP requirements and ensure the company’s 

policies in these areas are fully complied with.

•Focus on continuing improvement of food and facility safety and 

product consistency.

•Conduct internal audits to ensure compliance with company 


•Stop any non-complying activity / process by either company 

employees, contractors or any other personal in the site if it forms 

any possibility of risk.

•Overlook the production of high-quality items while following 

proper food handling procedures.

•Inspecting products to ensure that established standards on 

quality are met.

•Ensure that maintenance department is aware of any repair or 

maintenance needs, promptly, so that down time and materials 

wastage is kept within set standards.

Experience & Knowledge

•Minimum 5 years of work experience in semi-

automated/automated factory. FMCG would be an added 


•Excellent organization skills.

•Excellent in using computer and Excel program.

•Production planning knowledge and machines capacity.

•Experienced at a supervisory level, with a demonstrated ability 

to work successfully.

•People management and communication skills.


•Graduate in Industrial Engineering


•Between 6,000 to 12,000 EGP – salary will be offered based on 

the level of skill and experience. 

To Apply :

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