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Faculty Internal Grants and Awards Support

Faculty Internal Grants and Awards Support

Faculty Internal Grants and Awards Support

Faculty Internal Grants and Awards Support

Purpose: The holder of this position is responsible for providing, securing, compiling and archiving 

all necessary data to facilitate the operation of programs related to the enhancement and promotion 

of AUC research and teaching; including but not limited to faculty support grants, Distinguished 

Visiting Professors (DVPs), Distinguished Visiting Researchers (DVRs), Artist in Residence (AiRs), 

Scholars without Stipend (SwSs), faculty merit awards and faculty research output.

Principal Account abilities:

•provide, compile and archive all requested documents related to faculty support grant programs 

from applications phase until reports submission and close-out phase:

o Verify the provided information in each submitted application and provide missing data to facilitate 

decision making.

o Provide any missing data regarding budgeting from the concerned offices including, but not limited 

to, travel office, controller’s office; iT department, procurement department.

o Work with the budget office to create and set-up new WBS’s on SAP and transfer funds as per the 

approved grants.

o Communicate with the finance person in each department to ensure that the payments are 

processed as per the agreements.

o Coordinate with the person in charge in each department to provide any missing proof of payment 

to finalize the reports.

o Upload any missing or additional information to the online system to keep it updated and on record.

o Print, scan and archive all agreements in hard and soft copies to be available once requested.

o Keep updated record of research database and statistics of all faculty support grants in each cycle.

• Provide, file and archive all requested documents of research enhancement programs: 

Distinguished Visiting Professor (DVP), Distinguish Visiting Researcher (DVR), Artist in Residence 

(AiR) and Scholar without Stipend (SwS):

o Provide all the requested documents for each program to senior manager in timely manner to meet 

deadlines and ensure smooth decision making timely.

o Coordinate with the concerned schools, departments and offices regarding the payment 

processing of each agreement.

o  Keep updated record of all the programs database and documents to be provided once requested

•  Handle the administrative logistics of the faculty merit award program:

o Arrange with the Merit award committee members to review the applications on time

o Handle the logistics of the awards including the processing of certificates and the monetary 


•  Update and archive all documents in the online research system:

o Update and archive all documents on the system periodically with all requested data including, but 

not limited to, the data of all eligible faculty members, the titles and roles of all system users, 

department research committee (DRC) formulation, the exact deadlines of each program per year, 

the eligible users of merit award nominees.

• Assist senior manager in other duties:

o  Work closely with the senior manager in providing any requested data that help promote AUC 

research, teaching, innovation and creativity. This includes, but is not limited to, handling some 

administrative tasks, preparing statistics, working on reports, searching for certain data and tools.


Minimum Education Requirement:  

•Bachelor of science or Bachelor of arts minimum, preferable in business or administration


•A minimum of three years’ experience including one or two years in the administration of research 


Faculty Internal Grants and Awards Support


•Excellent interpersonal skills.

•Ability to prioritize complex tasks with multiple deadlines.

•Excellent communication skills both written and verbal in Arabic and English.

•Advanced computer skills preferably in Microsoft applications.

•Knowledge in the use of SAP.

Position is open until April 2nd,2020.

 “We thank all individuals who have expressed interest in working at The American University in 


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