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Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف

Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف 

Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف
Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف 

Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف 

*Age from 22- 28

*Workplace is in Orange, Pyramid Heights

*Open Day is on Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM

Working Conditions

Two consecutive days excluding the weekends at least till seniority basis at the 

beginning their days off will be within the week days.

Accepted candidates will attend an induction which is training before login

Job Description

Handle all incoming and outgoing calls of the call center.

Provide follow ups and occasional campaigns and call backs blended with normal 

inbound calls.

Provide best possible service to both external and internal customers to achieve highest level of 

customer satisfaction.

Handle and solve all inquiries and requests and complaints received via all channels available phone 

and fax and e-mail. 

Communicate with other Customer Service sub-divisions to answer all relevant customer inquiries  

Credit and Customer Support and Activation and Outbound and Save Initiatives.

Communicate with other departments all relevant customer inquiries if applicable.

Achieve the requested staffed time on a daily basis to minimize lost call rate.

Call Center Representative Job at Orange | وظائف 

Provide proper information to customers with complete and comprehensive understanding of Orange 

products and services.

Fully understand and adhere to company policies and procedures that generate personal and 

professional credibility and trust.

Respect and apply company vision and mission and values.

Fully understand both individual and company objectives and work on achieving them effectively 

and efficiently.

Use available methods and tools to develop own skills.

Use the available tools and systems to provide the correct information to customers as applications 

and intranet briefings and attending training.

Keep up to date with all the services and products provided by Orange.

Resolve all customer complaints and requests and inquiries within the predetermined SLAs

Escalate problems and report suspected fraud and provides relevant feedback to the right channels.

Application Form for a Call Center Representative Job at Orange : 

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