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Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager coordinates, facilitates and monitors the work of a department, which provides all kind of services in any Consultant interaction with the company: Consultant registration process, order placement and deliveries, payment, claim and info process. Customer Service Manager ensures high quality of provided services and works on its’ continuous improvement. Customer Service Manager takes care of the development of his/her subordinates and their commitment to achieving high level of satisfaction of served clients.
Setting business objectives
  • Setting catalogue objectives for the customer service department, developing action plans and implementing them
  • Creating annual budget for the customer service department
Managing work of a team
  • Planning, organizing and controlling the work of a team (up to 10 people) on a regular basis
  • Coordination of filed complaints in the scope of price corrections, registration forms, system bugs/errors and others
  • Active participation in creating tools for work assessment of subordinate employees (key performance indicators, motivational system)
  • Motivation and development of subordinates, conducting Performance Management process

Ensuring high customer service quality
  • Responsibility for achieving business objectives and maintain desired customer service quality
  • Monitoring the results of consultants satisfaction survey – a questionnaire conducted time to time, which aim is to verify whether and employee has helped the consultant and if he has done it in a friendly and professional way. Giving feedback to employees on those conversations.
  • Development and implementation of customer service standards
  • Preparing and analyzing reports on functioning and quality of customer service (KPI monitoring)
  • Improving customer service processes
  • Smooth, timely and efficient dispatch of information to Consultants/Leaders related to Oriflame Customer Service at any media channel (Directors meeting, online, sms etc)

Cooperation with other departments
  • Maintaining active contact with other departments of the company, involved in the customer service process (sales, marketing, finance, online communications etc.)
  • Cooperation and communication with the different functions to ensure alignment.
  • Cooperation and communication for problem solving purpose with GIT and Customer Service Support Specialist
Other activities
  • Follow up trends for customer service area in the market and monitor direct competition
  • Implementing changes required by the law, related to client service e.g. changes in local regulations related to Consumer rights, informing Consultants about changes


  • Customer Service Manager should have good manners, ability to establish contacts easily and should show high empathy in interpersonal relations. At the same time person on this position should be assertive when it comes to unjustified customer complaints and have the ability to handle customer emotions.
  • Person on this position should also be able to communicate clearly and feel confident in expressing his/her own opinions. He should be quick in making decisions, be able to set realistic targets for the team and motivate to effective work.
  • Person on this position should have the flexibility and ability to adapt to changing reality in order to ensure best results for the company.

Ability to manage work of a bigger team
  • Motivating the team
  • Monitoring their work
  • Setting and enforcing targets
  • Experience in recruitment (proper selection of team members).

Ability to create goals & action plan for the department
  • Ability to create annual and catalogue goals and action plans for the department.
  • Creativity and innovativeness
  • Focus on continuous increase in the level of customer service

Customer orientation
  • Ability to build long-term relations with customers
  • Openness for customer needs, will to help, positive attitude, empathy, ability to apply sales techniques

Customer knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of consumer rights/local regulations
  • Being on top of latest trends in Customer Service in the market

Ability to solve problems and make decisions
  • Ability to analyze customers’ problems and propose solutions beneficial to sides
  • Basic analytical skills and flexible approach to solving problems.

Analytical skills
  • Ability to analyze situations and business needs as well as to create reports monitoring the results and projects’ accomplishment.
  • Basic analytical skills allowing to report the quality of customer service

Communication skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with each type of customer, even the most difficult one, good manners, ability to cope with objections and difficult clients

Good organization of own and team work
  • Good organization of one’s own and team work, skillful verification of tasks and ability to work under time pressure
  • Higher education
  • Language knowledges: fluent Arabic and English
  • Experience in customer relations
  • Minimum 3-years’ experience in similar position in customer service.
  • Computer skills: Proficient with Microsoft Office.

Customer Service Manager

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