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corporate Banking RM-Commercial Banking Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - Cairo, Egypt

corporate Banking RM-Commercial Banking
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - Cairo, Egypt

corporate Banking RM-Commercial Banking Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank - Cairo, Egypt

corporate Banking RM-Commercial Banking


To manage a portfolio in Commercial Banking Unit, marketing & soliciting new relationships 

in order to achieve predetermined objectives, with coverage of Cairo and other 

governorates in Egypt (excluding Alex and Delta).



1. Screens proposed customers against Target Market Plan and Risk Acceptance Criteria, to initially 

identify ADIB EGYPT credit risk appetite for obligors and setting the facility structure, subject to Business 

and Risk Management approvals and the Wholesale Bank Policy.

2.Furnishes/updates the Business Analyst with client information, financial statements, and relevant  

data, for the different types of CA reviews (Annual, Initial, Interim, etc.).

3.Reviews/Approves extensions of credit (for Credit Officers) and ensure that the data within these 

extensions of credit are accurate and that they are designed with the appropriate requested facility 

package and all credit risks are properly addressed.

4. Ensures that the extensions of credit are consistent with the relationship profile and endorsing the 

risk/reward balance.

5. Ensures appropriate obligor/facility risk ratings in line with the risk rating Policy of the bank.

6. Conducts regular accounts follow up assisted by periodical reports to avoid the manifestation of past 

dues, excess and the breach of terms and conditions of the approved facilities.

7. Monitor changes in the risk position of the clients using renewal and monitoring tools, and are 

promptly communicated to Business and Risk managers.

8. Maintains regular contacts with customers to sort any internal/ departmental issues with immediate 

action, supporting CSU Service Unit to serve customers in the best way, as per approved SLA.

9. Conducts periodic client calls/site visits and document client calls with the frequency indicated in the 

Credit Analysis section.

10. Maintains customer loyalty and promotes brand identity by providing excellent customer service via 

regular updates and reviews on the bank’s range of financial products as well as customers’ financial 


11. Provides quality service to clients and closely follow up and ensure the processing of all requests 

(new facilities, an increase in existing facilities, amendments, waivers, operations requests, etc) up to 

their satisfaction duly within SLAs without deviation.

12. Conducts marketing calls to screen the market and approach potential relationships.  

13. Identifies expansion opportunities with existing clientele base to achieve portfolio growth.

14. Monitor practices of competition and report findings to Unit & Department Heads.

15. Provides product specialists with qualified referrals for cross-selling. Responsible for overall parent 

relationship management and providing a wide range of treasury, cash management, trade, and 

corporate finance products and solutions.

16. Monitors Past Dues Report, and take any required action, after consulting with Unit Head and/or 

Wholesale Bank Head.

17. Ensures that extensions of credit follow regulatory limits and the Central Bank of Egypt regulations 

and guidelines.

18. Initiates “credit checking” and “Central de Risqué – CBE” requests, and ensure their completeness  

by the time of the credit approval.

19. It provides recommendations to improve the current procedures and processes to ensure that work  

is carried out in an efficient manner.

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